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When Moving Keep These Things In Mind

The world is evolving and with time, we need to change ourselves to stay on course. Smartphones were once a part of sci-fi movies, cameras were some heavy piece of equipment and music was limited to iPods and mp3 players. But our genius scientists have brought everything together and given a single device that can do all the things we can think of. I am a camera collector and have hundreds of vintage cameras in my home in different kinds of showcases that I got a custom built to fit all the products. From Polaroids to DSLR I have almost every kind of camera.

What inspired me to be a camera collector? The craving for camera collection started almost 15 years back when I saw people carrying various kinds of cameras during my trip to Canada. I was at Niagra falls getting my photo clicked with a very simple single lens canon camera with no zoom. And beside me was a family who had this big premium looking camera which looked advanced way ahead of time. So I got curious and started studyin…